Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Winter storm wreaks havoc on Pleasant Prairie home

This homeowner lives near Lake Michigan in Pleasant Prairie. Their basement was devastated by the strong winds that accompanied the snowstorm that hit Wisconsin a few weeks ago. The high winds caused waves to crash into their home, picking up mud, pine needles, stones and mulch along the way. Pictured above is one of the hallways in their finished basement. Our whole team was on this job getting the water extracted as quickly as possible and disposing of all the affected materials in the basement, including trim, drywall, carpeting and the contents that were destroyed in the flood.

Storm related sewage backup

Here is a photo of one our techs doing some water extraction in a basement of a homeowner that was affected by the storms and heavy rains that we had back in September. It was a sewage water loss so the affected materials had to be removed. In a lot of situations, we first have to extract water from materials such as carpet even though we have to remove it, otherwise the carpet will be way to heavy to carry out of the home.

Late Summer storms

We received over 60 phone calls during the storms that hit Kenosha County recently. Heavy rainfall accompanied these storms and for this homeowner, her sump pump couldn't keep up. You can see how saturated the carpet is as well as some standing water on the tile floor. Our crew extracted the water, did some demo work (removed carpet, pad, etc) and got everything dried out. SERVPRO of North Kenosha County is always #HereToHelp

Moisture meters and drywall

The heavy rains and storms from a little over a week ago caused a lot of water damage to a lot of homeowners. You can count on our team here at SERVPRO of North Kenosha County to mitigate any water damage in your home. Here you'll see one of our crew members using a moisture meter to detect how much moisture is in the drywall. 

Heavy rains wreak havoc on homeowners basement

Flooding, flooding and more flooding. Kenosha received almost 4 inches of rain in just two days from the storms that rolled through last week. This homeowner among so many others had sump pumps that either failed or just couldn’t keep up with the heavy rains. If you’ve experienced storm damage such as this, we can help. We will extract the water and make sure that materials are either removed if need be or treated to make sure you don’t have mold problems down the road.

Failed Sump Pump

We have been pounded with over 4 inches of rain in some areas of Southeast Wisconsin recently. Several homeowners and business owners in our communities have experienced flooding in their homes, the majority of them due to a failed sump pump. If you have water damage in your basement because of a failed sump pump, give us a call at SERVPRO of North Kenosha County! We are Here to Help.