Recent Before & After Photos

Clogged toilet in commercial facility

This commercial facility suffered a sewage loss from a clogged toilet in the main floor bathroom which also affected the lower level as well. Some materials had... READ MORE

Fire in Racine home

We were called in to a fire that started on a porch of a home in Racine. The fire spread up into the attic and damaged the entire second floor. Fortunately, no ... READ MORE

Commercial office building in Kenosha affected by heavy rains

This commercial office building in Kenosha was affected by the heavy rains that passed through Southeast Wisconsin in September. The water damage occurred in th... READ MORE

Refrigerator line leak in Kenosha home

Appliances can often times cause water damage in your home. This homeowner had a refrigerator line leak in her kitchen. The linoleum flooring in the kitchen was... READ MORE

Sewer backup due to heavy rains

Due to the heavy rains a couple of weeks ago, these homeowners experienced a sewage backup in their semi-finished basement. Sewage water is what we call Categor... READ MORE

Dishwasher leak

Our team was called out to a water loss mid-August. The dishwasher in this customer’s kitchen had a leak. This leak caused significant damage throughout t... READ MORE

Sump pump failure X 2

This homeowner had two water losses occur back to back due to a sump pump failure. Multiple areas were affected. Given that this was ground water, all carpet an... READ MORE

Local Veterinary Clinic

A local veterinary clinic experienced a sewage backup in their facility right before the Holiday in early July. Floors, carpet and walls were affected in multip... READ MORE

Sump pump failure at home in Kenosha

We were called in after hours to a home in Kenosha that had water damage due to a sump pump failure. Several areas were affected in our customer’s finishe... READ MORE

Sump pump failure in Pleasant Prairie

Back in early March, we received a call from a Pleasant Prairie homeowner who had water in her basement due to a sump pump failure. We received the call at 9:02... READ MORE