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Make Fire Safety Fun for Your Kenosha Kiddos | SERVPRO® of North Kenosha County

6/14/2023 (Permalink)

Young boy staring at a lit match being held between his fingers SERVPRO of North Kenosha County is here for you and your family if you experience a fire in your home or business.

Raising children comes with a number of challenges, and ensuring your child’s safety stands out as one of the biggest priorities. Even as children grow older and become adults, fire safety is a vital topic that should never be overlooked.

Teaching fire safety to young children may seem overwhelming initially, but it is an important step toward keeping everyone in your home safe and informed. There are numerous approaches to the topic that will not overwhelm you or your kiddos!

Fire safety can be a fun and informative lesson that the whole family can get in on. Here are some ideas as you work to keep you Kenosha household fire-informed:

Explain the Dangers of Fire

While it can be difficult for them to understand outcomes without seeing the real repercussions, children learn topics best through exposure. Talk about the typical places where fires might start in your home, and show your kids the rooms and items (like the stove or a fireplace) that are the most dangerous.

Talk about the dangers of matches and lighters so they understand how to handle these hazardous items. Tell children to bring any matches or lighters they find right to you, emphasizing the havoc even a single tiny match or lighter might start.

Familiarize Them With Authority

Seeing a firefighter in full uniform can be scary for children (and even adults), so it helps to regularly expose kids to books and videos about firefighters to help alleviate any fears they may have. Look for meet-and-greet events near you that will allow your child to interact with these essential heroes in an open setting.

These exposure exercises will teach your children to trust these people, especially when they need them the most, such as during a house fire. You can prepare kids for an event like this without putting them under too much strain by incorporating a game into the mix, such as seeing who can stop, drop and roll the fastest!

Make a Game Plan Together

To ensure everyone in your household is prepared for a fire emergency, you’ll need to put together a fire escape strategy. Involve your kids in the making of your escape plan to make them more likely to retain the essential information you brainstorm as a family.

You should also explain how your windows work so that your children know how to open them in an emergency. This is valuable knowledge to remember in the case of a fire, but it could potentially endanger a young child. Remind kids that opening windows should only be done as a last option during a fire emergency.

To wrap up your fire safety lesson, let your kids choose a safe location you can all reach after escaping during a fire emergency. After running over the plan, go through the process of contacting authorities so they know who to call when flames emerge.

Fires can cause widespread damage. Call us for a thorough and efficient restoration.

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